Doctor Haselhorst is a general dentist. He is highly skilled with the knowledge and expertise needed to provide for most of your dental care needs, and constantly updates his dental skills and knowledge with continuing dental education. Doctor Haselhorst practices family dentistry, providing care for the entire family, children as well as adults.

The doctor does composite cavity restoratives (fillings) and porcelain crown restorations for major decay or tooth fracture.

Occasionally a tooth’s pulp, which contains nerves and blood vessels, becomes infected or damaged and a root canal treatment is needed to save the tooth and repair the damage. Doctor Haselhorst is skilled at performing this endodontic treatment.

Healthy gums are vital to overall oral health. Gum disease is a major dental health issue today. Doctor Haselhorst is experienced in all periodontal procedures and is qualified to treat all of your periodontal problems. Periodontal disease is as common as tooth decay, and if left untreated will lead to tooth and bone loss.

The standard of dental care provided in the United States today is so high that massive tooth loss is not common. As a result of this high quality of dental care the need for dentures is becoming negligible. Dentures, however, have a significant impact on the quality of life for patients that need them. Doctor Haselhorst maintains the highest standards of excellence for denture dental care.

This standard of excellence is also practiced with bridge dental care. Again, with the decline in tooth loss and extraction (except for wisdom teeth) the demand for this type of dental care has declined.

Doctor Haselhorst encourages doing everything possible to restore a useful tooth to vitality and avoid removing teeth. Some teeth, such as wisdom teeth, frequently have to be extracted to avoid future jaw problems.

He also has experience with orthodontics, both comprehensive and limited, and orthodontic care as part of the total dental care provided in our office.

Regular checkups or recall patient care is the most often provided dental care provided in our office. Prophylaxis (polishing), x-rays, and scaling are examples of this type of dental care. The staff members providing these types of dental care treatments are knowledgeable and highly qualified professionals. The majority of our patients visit our office at least twice a year to receive regular checkups.

Doctor Haselhorst believes it is his responsibility to strive to become proficient in all areas of dentistry, he prefers to avoid inconveniencing patients by referring them to a specialist, when not necessary. When he believes it is in the patient’s best interest, the doctor will refer a patient out to a dental specialist for treatment of specific problems.