These are the pamphlets given to patients at the end of their appointment. They provide post treatment information on what the patient should expect, thing to be aware of that might indicate a condition needing the doctor’s attention and behavior to avoid for a while. When appropriate the pamphlet also provides answer to some of the most frequently asked post treatment questions.

They are posted on the web as a resource for patients that are not able to locate the pamphlet provided to them but want to check something they remember reading.

These pamphlets can also be used by a patient wishing to get some idea of what to expect for a scheduled appointment.

TitleContentFile Type
X-Rays InfoX-Rays Info
Wisdom Teeth ExtractionWisdom Teeth Extraction
TMJ InfoTMJ Info
Pre-Extraction InfoPre-Extraction Info
Post Oral SurgeryPost Oral Surgery
Post Endodontic treatmentPost Endodontic treatment
Periodontal TreatmentPeriodontal Treatment
Periodontal Disease infoperiodontal disease info
Ortho-braces CareOrtho-braces Care
Mouth Guard PamphletNTI Pamphlet
Nitrous OxideNitrous oxide
iSmile WhiteningiSmile Whitening
Instructions For WhiteningInstructions For Whitening
Implant Pre and Post Operative InstructionsImplant Pre and Post Operative Instructions
Hard foods to avoidHard foods to avoid
Extractions general infoExtractions general info
Endodontic infoEndodontic info
Denture CareDenture Care
Crowns infoCrowns info
Crown post-careCrown post-care
Composite RestorativeComposite Restorative
Composite post-careComposite post-care
Bridges infoBridges info