Dentures and Partials

Dentures and partials are examples of prosthetic dentistry (Prosthodontic). They are used to replace a large number of consecutively missing teeth (i.e. and entire quadrant or arch). Generally partial and full dentures are not fixed appliances and can be remove for cleaning. It is possible for posts to be implanted to permanently hold a denture in place. See the following graphic for examples of partial and full dentures.

A properly fitting denture should not require any adhesive to hold it in place. If a denture fits loosely it usually needs to be relined. It is a good practice to see your dentist at least once annually for a checkup and cleaning of your full denture. Some suggestions for proper denture care are:
*ALWAYS rinse your dentures inside and outside after each meal.
*ALWAYS clean inside and out with a soft denture brush and a mild soap before putting them in your mouth in the morning and after taking them out at night.
*ALWAYS put your dentures in water with or without denture cleanser at night. Follow cleanser instructions.
*ALWAYS clean your dentures over a soft surface or basin of water. This will help avoid breakage if dropped.
*ALWAYS massage your gums morning and night with a soft brush or cotton gauze.
*ALWAYS see your dentist for any denture adjustment.
*NEVER use scouring powders or strong detergents. These may damage the dentures.
*NEVER put dentures in hot water.
*NEVER let dentures dry out.
*NEVER use adhesives unless advised to do so by your dentist.