Positively Naperville – Word of Mouth

For several years now Dr. Joe has been writing articles for a local paper under the ‘Word of Mouth’ column. This is a archive of these articles, should you wish to read them.

TitleContentFile Type
Which White Part 2Which White Part 2PDF
Which White Part 1Which White Part 1PDF
What Patients want to knowWhat Patients want to know. Frequently asked questionsPDF
Wearing you TeethWearing you TeethPDF
TrypanophobiaTrypanophobia – the big shotPDF
Tooth myths for ChristmasTooth myths for ChristmasPDF
Tooth Fairy TalesTooth Fairy TalesPDF
TMJ-My ConclusionTMJ–my conclusionPDF
TMJ – The SequelTMJ – the sequelPDF
The ‘R’ WordThe ‘R’ Word – Root CanalPDF
Swish WishSwish WishPDF
Snore No MoreSnore No MorePDF
Should I get dental insurance?Should I get dental insurancePDF
Probing QuestionsProbing QuestionsPDF
InternetDentalDegree.comPN – InternetDentalDegree.com1PDF
Pass the FlosPass the FlossPDF
Painless or Less PainPainless or Less PainPDF
Not all Toothaches are a ToothacheNot all Toothaches are a ToothachePDF
No Snoring in The New YearNo Snoring in The New YearPDF
No more ugly crownsNo more ugly crownsPDF
Mythbusters DentalMythbusters DentalPDF
Micro DentistryMicro DentistryPDF
Mercury MadnessMercury MadnessPDF
Its more than teethIts more than teethPDF
Instant OrthodonticsInstant OrthodonticsPDF
Implants in a dayImplants in a dayPDF
I think I have a cavityI think I have a cavityPDF
I am to OldI am to OldPDF
I am the BestI am the BestPDF
How was the tripHow was the tripPDF
Halitosis in the HouseHalitosis in the HousePDF
Finding Dr Right Part-3Finding Dr Right Part 3PDF
Finding Dr Right Part-2Finding Dr Right Part 2PDF
Finding Dr Right Part-1Finding Dr Right Part 1PDF
Finding a Great PatientFinding a Great PatientPDF
Dreaming of Pearly WhitesDreaming of Pearly WhitesPDF
Do I really need thatDo I really need thatPDF
Do I Need an Electric ToothbrushDo I Need an Electric ToothbrushPDF
Do As I SayDo As I SayPDF
Diet and DentistryDiet and DentistryPDF
Dentalpobia the scarred childhoodDentalpobia the scarred childhoodPDF
Dentalpobia the KillerDentalpobia the KillerPDF
Dentalpobia Gagtime BluesDentalpobia Gagtime BluesPDF
Dental do it YourselfDental do it YourselfPDF
Dental DecisionsDental DecisionsPDF
Dental Cures for Snoring ApneaDental Cures for Snoring & ApneaPDF
Deadly Dental AbscessDeadly Dental AbscessPDF
Daily Dental RealityDaily Dental RealityPDF
Crown or Caphttps://napervilledentist.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/12/Crown-or-Cap.pdf  PDF
Can Dentists Cure MigrainesCan Dentists Cure MigrainesPDF
Bionic TeethBionic teethPDF
Best Dental InsuranceBest Dental InsurancePDF
Another Good ExcuseAnother Good ExcusePDF
Afraid of the DentistAfraid of the DentistPDF
ADA ApprovalADA ApprovalPDF